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NOT JUST A CD, BUT PIECE OF ART, to listen, feel and hold.
PERFECT DESIGN, PRINTING, natural matte DIGIPACK case, RICH COLOR BOOKLET with PHOTOS and work comments, and excellent Information TEXTS in THREE languages, this is the CD.
When you download a mp3 file you  have "files",  so physically nothing and maybe one "cover pic". 
When you purchase a CD you have much, much more AND you get  significantly better sound quality. 
However, I offer both options, you pick.

7. CD:  3 CONCERTOS + 3 SOLOS (Composers Portrait Vol.2) (Musica Europea ME - 04)
Released in AUGUST 2008,  almost 80 minutes of Zivkovic's orchestral works and  solo pieces
Recorded with Slovenian Radio Symphony Orchestra & Slovenian Armed forces Orchestra (Band).
Perfect 6 pages digipack cover, including 24 pages text book, in English, Deutsch and Espanol  
Including 6 worlds premiere recordings of Zivkovic's compositions: 
Concerto per percussione e orchestra  no.1  (CONCERTO OF THE MAD QUEEN) (MORE INFORMATION)
TALES FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH for Marimba/Percussion and Wind Ensemble (MORE INFORMATION)

CDMadeInEurope.jpg (53713 Byte) 

2. CD "PERCUSSION MADE IN EUROPE   Volume1" (ed. Musica Europea ME-03)
NEW RELEASE in 2008, nearly 80 minutes of music, compilation of Marimba&Percussion AND Generally Spoken CD's.
Nice DIGIPACK cover, 24 pages  booklet in three languages (English, German and French)
(Ptaszynska - Graffito / Kotschy - Verwehendes Nichts / Joh. Christian H. Schulz  - Ab miram / Halt - Marimbasonic / Zivkovic - Pezzo da Concerto, Generally Spoken, Drei Phantastische Lieder, (NEW Recording 2008)
Tensio, (NEW recording 2008), STRAH*CTPAX, FLUCTUS.

6. CD "COMPOSERS PORTRAIT"   Musica Europea ME-02
Finaly, the MARIMBA CONCERTO no.2 is released!  with Nebojsa on Marimba and Munich Symphonic Orchestra: A perfect Recording in perfect DIGIPACK layout. 24 full color pages in 3 Languages: Deutsch, english, & Espanol!
INCLUDING:  Marimba concerto.no2, Lamento e danza barbara, JENET, quintetto per cinque solisti. 

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5. CD "The Castle Of The Mad King" (BIS Grammofon, BIS-CD-1098)
(All Zivkovic CD: Ultimatum II, The Castle of The Mad King, Ilijas, Ein Liebeslied, Northwind, Bayerischer Ländler, Trio per uno, Il cantodei gondolieri, Suomineito, Der kleine Paganini.)

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4. CD "Darius Milhaud" Concerto pour marimba et Vibraphone (Musicaphon)
(N.J.Zivkovic - Marimba/Vibraphon, Österreichische Kammersymphoniker, Dir. Ernst Theiß)

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3. CD "Uneven Souls" (Musica Europea ME-01)
(ALL Zivkovic CD: Funny Marimba, Ultimatum 1, To the Gods of Rhythm, Drei Unvebindliche Stücke, Les Violons Morts, Valse Serbe, Anba, Macedonia, In Erinnerungen Schwebend, Sta Vidis, Uneven Souls)

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1. CD "Marimba & Percussion" (NOT AVAILABLE ANY MORE)

(Tanaka-Two movements / Miki - TIME / Schostakowitsch - Polka & Oportunist from his Ballets Zivkovic - Drei Phantastische Lieder, Tensio, STRAH*CTPAX)

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